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Year-End Account Preparation Ilford, Essex, East London

Accountant for limited company

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As a Limited company owner/director, you will be aware that you have some financial and accounting responsibilities, one of the task is the submission of year-end accounts to company house and HMRC.


What is a company Year End ?

A company 'Year End' is the date your company's accounting period ends.


How can S K Punia Accountant can help you with  Year End ?

S K Punia Accountant has prepared many companies, charties, trusts and CIC registered year end accounts. We will look to get all information (invoices, bank statements, chequebook stubs, petty cash receipts, credit card statements etc) immediately at the start of our engagement with you.

Getting this quickly means all pressure to meet filing deadlines is relieved and we’ll be in a stronger position to advise on tax planning and filing your year end accounts on time.

In order to provide the most tailored service, we’ll ask about your background e.g. family situation, location, intention – and with this information look to harness further financial and business opportunities.

Assuming we have all required information, the year end can pass incredibly smoothly with just a few phone calls / emails.

What needs to be filed with Company House ?

Depend on your company structure. Limited company needs to file annual accounts to HMRC which includes:

  • Income statement


This document show the profit or loss you made for the accounting year.

  • Statement of Financial position/ Balance sheet

This is a summary of company's accounting period end date accumulative

value of business Fixed assets, current assets, liabilities, capital and reserves

  • Cash Flow statement

Most companies are exempt from cash flow statement. It shows  how the changes in balance sheet accounts and income statement have affected the cash and cash equivalents.

  • Notes to the Accounts

These are disclosers provide addition information on company's   financial statements. These includes  polices, depreciations of assets etc.

 What needs to be filed to HMRC ?


Corporation Tax CT600


This is also know as CT600, It contains details of your company's income less tax allowances and expenses. The remaining  amount - is your profit which corporation tax is calculated. IT provides how much need to be paid to HMRC.

S K Punia Accountants are expert in year end accounts and you do not have to worry about it. Once you assign us for 'Year end accounts' we will take care of all your year end accounts preparation and filling.

Year End Account S K Accountant
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