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What is Company Tax Return ?

All company require to file corporation tax every year. Corporation tax is referred as company tax return by non financial people.

S K Punia Accountant make sure you understand that limited company business owners have a legal responsibility to calculate the correct company Corporation tax return (Corporation tax liability). We will ensure your small company tax return is prepared efficiently, giving you enough time to plan in advance and taking  the burdens off of tax administration here in ilford.

We will submit your CT600 in quickly and efficient manners. We will deal with all of your business tax matters, including income and corporation tax computations here in ilford, London and Dagenham, Essex.

What are the consequences of not filing company tax return ?

Following are some of the filing responsibilities for Small Limited companies:

* Annual Accounts 

* CT 600 Corporation Tax Return

* Annual Employers Return

* Quarterly VAT return (If VAT registered)

Annual Return: Every year small limited  businesses need to file annual return at Company house. There is £13.00 fees related to it to file electronically or £40.00 on paper. This is to confirm or update your company information.

Most owners get confused it with company annual accounts. Company annual accounts are also filed to company house and HMRC. They include company profit and loss account,balance sheet, cash flow and director report.

HMRC is strict about company tax return reporting. You will be charged £100 if you are one day late. It does not stop there if you are delayed for further three months, you will incur another £100.

It is important to file company CT600 tax return.

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