Capital Gain Tax

S K Punia Accountant provides clients with customized capital Gain tax support.  Either it is property sale gain or shares gain we will make sure every exemptions is used and every penny is utilise to reduce Capital gain tax. Get in touch

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What is Capital Gain   ?

Capital Gain occurs  when you sell an asset that has increased in value. In other words it is a profit which arises from sale of an asset which selling price is higher than purchase price. It is also important to remember not all the asset can be classified under capital gain such as your TV or Car.

What is Capital Gain Tax ?

As explained above, Capital Gain is profit on asset sale, Capital Gain Tax is charged on profit of the asset sale. Capital Gain Tax is complex area, there are some assets which are tax free, there are certain exemptions which can be claimed. It is important to consult your local capital gain accountant who can make sure you are not taxed  on asset capital gain.

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Great Advice: We will ensure you keep as much of your earnings in the most tax efficient ways as possible in accordance with HMRC requirements.

Market Leading accounting software: We will ensure you have access to market leading accounting software such as Xero, Sage or Quickbooks and will provide you training

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