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Self Employed Tax saving Tips

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Congratulation on taking first step to be your own boss.

Following are few of the tips which will help you to save on Tax:

Do you know ?

  • You can claim £4 per week if you use your home as office

  • Travel to client is a allowable expense, you can claim 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles if you use your car for travel

  • Any stationary such as pen, paper etc. are allowable expenses

  • Software used such as excel, Sage, Quickbook and Xero etc. subscriptions are allowable expenses

  • Membership subscriptions for example Taxi driver Licence subscription, CIS CSCS card are allowable expenses

  • Phone, broadband, landline used for business use can be claimed as 100% expenses whereas you use phone etc. for personal and business use you can claim proportion of business use expenses

  • You can claim for the tools you buy for business use as an expense

  • Accountancy fee is an allowable expense

  • Donation to charity is not an allowable expense, However if you are higher rate tax payer, you can claim 20% tax back on your donation

I hope Self Employed Tax Saving Tips will be helpful. I am certified Public Accountant and have wide range of experience in self assessment/Tax return. Get in touch to find out more.

S K Punia Accountant Self employed tax saving tips provide key notes which are really helpful for self assessment filing.
Self Employed Tax Saving Tips

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