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Key Dates for Accounting July 20- May 21

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

July 2020

6th- Deadline for filing P11D and issuing P11Ds to any employees

13th- July Self-employed Income support Claim grant deadline for 1st Claim

22nd – Deadline for paying Class 1A NIC for any benefits you give to your employees

31st – Second payment on account deadline for self employed

August – 2020

7th – Second Quarterly VAT Filing deadline (April- June 2020)

17th – Second Self Employed Income Grant support scheme claim open

October 2020

31st- Self assessment manual filling deadline

31st - Furlough Scheme end for Employees

November 2020

7th – Third Quarterly Vat return deadline ( July- September 2020)

December 2020

31st – Deadline for filing company’s account if your year end is 31st March 2020

January 2021

1st – Corporation Tax payment deadline if your year end is 31st March 2020

31st – Self Assessment Tax return online deadline

31st – First payment on account deadline if you tax was over £1000

February 2021

7th- The previous year’s last quarterly VAT return filling deadline (Oct- Dec 2020)

April – 2021

6th is a new tax year. Tax rates and minimum wage rates will come into effect.

19th Year end payroll forms deadline- All the employee on payroll need to be filled and RTI completed

May 2021

7th – 1st Quarter VAT return filing deadline (January- March 2021)

31st Deadline for issuing any employees with their annual P60S

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